The $100,000 DOUBLE DOUBLE™ CHALLENGE with Solink + the Tim Horton Children's Foundation

The GOAL: Double the number of Tim Hortons locations using Solink in 2018 - from 500 to 1000 stores.

The PLEDGE: For each new Tim Hortons store that signs up, Solink will donate $100.

The DOUBLE DOUBLE™: If 500 Tim Hortons stores sign up this year, Solink will DOUBLE our donation to $100,000.

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"Solink is a simple and affordable solution for keeping track of our team members and guests and a strong tool to combat theft in our restaurants"

Chris McCluskey, Tim Hortons Franchise Owner

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The easiest way to have total visibility across one or all your locations.

Solink makes it incredibly easy to find and review events in your video. Apply multiple filters to refine search results, detect fraud, identify key sales, and review staff performance.

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*Solink will be donating $100 for each new restaurant that purchases services this year. Donations will be doubled if 500 new restaurants are subscribed, for a maximum contribution of $100,000 in 2018.